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Welcome to Kingston Foot Clinic

With over 60 years of combined experience diagnosing and treating a wide range of foot problems, Kingston Foot Clinic is committed to providing outstanding care for you and your family.

Alicia James

  • PhD, M.Health Sci (Podiatry)
  • Enjoys working with older kids to keep them as active as possible
  • One of seven podiatrists in Australia to have received her Paediatric Credentials by the Australian Podiatry Association
  • Endorsed Prescriber

Alicia seriously likes to keep busy and engaged in the podiatry profession, even though she has a very active young man at home. She is a past director and past President of the Australian Podiatry Association (Vic) and a recipient of the Jennifer O'Meara Award. She has previously been the chair of the Victorian Paediatrc Podiatry Special Interest Group a number of times.

She started working in Kingston Foot Clinic in 2008 and also works in senior management in the public sector. She has published extensively on heel pain in children and really enjoys working with older kids to keep them as active as possible.

Cylie Williams

  • PhD, M.Health Sci (Health Education and Promotion)- Endorsed Prescriber
  • Experienced in treating and assessing children in both public and private health settings
  • One of the first podiatrists in Australia to receive her Paediatric Podiatry Credential from the Australian Podiatry Association
  • Current Chair of the Podiatry Board of Australia

Cylie has tried to escape podiatry a number of times by heading into management roles but always keeps coming back because she loves working with families too much. She has also remained active in the podiatry profession, was the past vice president of the A.Pod.A (Vic) board and now is the Chair of the Podiatry Board of Australia.

Cylie really enjoys cuddling babies, playing with toddlers and just making assessments fun and engaging. She has a very special interest in toe walking gait and is currently a leading researcher in this area. When not at Kingston Foot Clinic, she is a senior research fellow at Monash University and adjunct research fellow at the University of South Australia.

Qiqi Liao

  • M Pod, B App Sci

QiQi (Kiki) Qiqi enjoys all aspect of podiatry practice. Qiqi has experience in the management of the diabetic foot, providing evidence based assessment and care. Qiqi has a keen interest in Dance Podiatry and nail surgery. Qiqi is committed to clinical excellence and quality of care, and her goal is to provide outstanding client centred care to all the clients at Kingston Foot Clinic. Qiqi new found interests include surfing, rock climbing and bouldering. She enjoys new challenges and the endorphins that occur after success.

廖琦琪 墨尔本注册足病医师 门诊时间:周一、周四、周五 广东话、普通话、英文 澳大利亚卫生从业方监管机构(AHPRA)注册医疗人员。现任Kingston Foot Clinic足病诊所。专注于足病学的各个方面,并致力于帮助病人消除疼痛和热衷于让每个人都能保持活跃的生活方式。 这意味着如果您患有糖尿病、脚痛或有任何有关脚部的问题,欢迎前来预约。当不在门诊时,她喜欢冲浪、游泳和抱石......所有的肾上腺素运动!

Melissa Towns

She is our star practice manager and keeps us all in line. She is the first to open a door for patients, hold a baby, call you a taxi or help out when a podiatrist calls out "MEL!!!”

If you need to know anything about the clinic, our services or need an appointment. Just call or email and Melissa will help you and ensure your podiatrists knows exactly what you need.